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"Fantastic vocals and songs, Charles"


"OUT OF THE DEEP is simply moving me to tears..wanna hear the rest!! be well!! Russ"


"Nice looking and sounding. I'm a fan and i am so glad to have found a diamond in the ruff..Thayer"


"Lovely vocals and style! We were both nominated at HMMA for same category! :) Blessings with peace always, DILEE"


"Vocals that rival the Titanic soundtrack, way to go Ladies I believe that with this talent and the work on the song content you will get the acclaim you deserve in 2014.....keep the dream alive. One Love, Nick"


"Wonderful and fascinating voices singing in two parts. That's great and enchanting. All the best! Keld"


"really enjoyed hearing these snippets from your music..liking the layering of the two voices..the dramatic rock style, and the rich, intense lyrics..very cool style you're developing!, Mike"


"AMAZING POWERFULL vocals on OUT OF THE DEEP !! simply GREAT !! Russ"


"thank you, very rewarding listening, unique journeys in song , I'm very grateful for what you share, hello from Tasmania AUS:). Ian"


"Incredible music.....Still Inlimbo"


"Hot music, Diamond Racks"


"Liking the work u do here, and I became a fan with my first visit here. So another visit back here? I will do. That's whats up!, BubboJones"


"Fantastic music, Aboi"


"Cool tunes!!Much respect!!


















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